Picture of K900 Series Gear Motor

K900 Series Gear Motor

A robust design and hollow shaft options allow this gear motor to perform well with high torque demands.

Motor Options

Model #Motor Type (Voltage Options)RPM RangeTorque Range* (in. lbs.)
K900 1Φ AC (115V or 230V) 1 - 4 1140 - 4160
K900 LS PMDC (12V, 24V or 90V) 1.1 - 5.8 257 - 6300

Configuration Options

Shaft Diameter 3/8" 1/2" or 5/8"
Shaft Configuration Single Shaft or Dual Shaft Hollow Shaft
Shaft Feature Keyed or Cross Hole Flat or Spline
Mounting Face Mount -
Gear Box Bearings Sleeve Bearings Needle Bearings
Accessories Brake Encoder